Indie Wednesday: Spooky Club


Here's something to get you primed for Halloween. Spooky Club may not be the best short film you've ever seen and the Wes Anderson influence is working overtime, BUT...  For all you filmmakers out there, this is what I would suggest you take away from Spooky Club: production design is everything. 90% of what makes Spooky Time work was done before the first frame was ever shot.

The Week Ahead 10.17.16

Welcome to Fall everybody! Although you wouldn't know it here in the Bluegrass State where we'll hit 90 degrees tomorrow. Regardless, it's my favorite time of year for a host of reasons. Not the least of which is River's Edge Film Festival is right around the corner and we'll have a ton of things coming your way. We're going to try to step things up here on the website, so let's talk about what's happening this week.


A new episode of the Talk Hard podcast hits your listening device of choice on Monday and HEY, that's today!! Todd and I completely hijack the pod from the get-go, but we eventually get around to talking Disney World and our profound disappointment in Luke Cage.


Stop back by for a good old-fashioned Indie Wednesday. This week we'll have an animated short about a Sheriff in the Old West.


How about another episode of Talk Hard? That's right; two for one this week because we actually split our last recording into two parts since it originally clocked in at an epic two hours and twenty minutes. In this episode we'll discuss our list of the best TV shows of all time and compare it to Rolling Stone's terrible Top 100 list.

Do us a huge favor and leave a rating and review of Talk Hard on iTunes. All you have to do is click that link, Chief. You have no idea how much that helps the show. Have a great week, folks!

Rogue One and Other Stuff

If you haven't seen it, feast your eyes on the second trailer for Rogue One. I'm not as big of a Star Wars fanatic as I was when I was a kid, so I don't go breath to breath waiting for this sort of thing. However, I maintain that no one puts together a trailer like the LucasFilm gang. This thing is fantastic and I will go on record right now to say Rogue One will be a much better story (and, by extension, film) than The Force Awakens.

Talk Hard

More Talk Hard episodes are on the way this week as we continue to get back to a regular schedule. This time around we talk Luke Cage, Disney theme parks, and our favorite TV shows of all time. So check in for that tomorrow and remember, if you've listened to the show, we need your ratings and reviews on iTunes. We'll beg if necessary because nothing does more for the show than your feedback.

Filmmaking: Stranger Things Titles

I know I'm not the only film geek that has been burning through Stranger Things and wondering just what process they used to make those retro titles. Did they turn back the dial and do it optically? Recreate the look digitally? ...Turns out a little of both. Check out the whole story with this nice little piece by Vox.