Filmmaking: Storytelling With Sound

Your filmmaking lesson for the day comes courtesy of the fine folks at The Royal Ocean Film Society.  (And they have to be massive Wes Anderson marks with a name like that, right?)  Anyway... we can never have too many reminders of the importance of sound in film.  In fact every legendary filmmaker I've ever seen weigh in on the subject agrees that, if they have to choose, audio is more important than visuals; that an audience can acclimate to weird or sub-standard cinematography, but never bad audio.

Filmmaking: 3 One-Light Set-Ups

My favorite cinematography tips are the simple kind because whether I'm on the job or making a short film, we are normally 1) short on time 2) short on manpower 3) short on equipment. So, anytime I can improve my shots and add style in fast and easy ways, I'm going to take notice.

Here are three highly stylized looks using only one light. Yes, they are often used in music videos as the title says, but you should flex that imagination and use them for any application that fits.