Indie Wednesday: Spooky Club


Here's something to get you primed for Halloween. Spooky Club may not be the best short film you've ever seen and the Wes Anderson influence is working overtime, BUT...  For all you filmmakers out there, this is what I would suggest you take away from Spooky Club: production design is everything. 90% of what makes Spooky Time work was done before the first frame was ever shot.

Indie Wednesday: BÄR


An animation student, Pascal Floerks, tells a story about his grandfather's past in this short film. Visually substituting a bear for his grandfather was an interesting and, in my estimation, very effective choice. Why do you think he made that decision?

Indie Wednesday: Girl On the Escalator

For filmmakers struggling to find inspiration; a reminder that it can come from anywhere. This short adapts a Charles Bukowski poem to great effect. Exercise those filmmaking muscles whenever and wherever you can. Develop style. Develop voice. Don't agonize over writing the perfect script or finding the perfect hook at the cost of your own evolution.

NOTE:  MATERIAL IS A BIT MATURE (but nothing we're too embarrassed to share)

Indie Wednesday: Yacht Rock 10

Anyone familiar with the Indie Wednesday post knows I'm a huge mark for JD Ryznar.  Today just feels like an Eagles/Steely Dan day and Yacht Rock is ready to scratch that itch.

Indie Wednesday: Fresh Guacamole

As I edit and design Space Cops t-shirts in my pajamas, it seems like a good time to share a video with you. The Oscars are tomorrow night and

Fresh Guacamole

is the shortest film ever nominated. Now you can act like smarto tomorrow and tell everyone you've seen this.

Indie Wednesday: All's Fair

The language in this short is much saltier than anything we've shared here before. So steer clear if you have sensitive ears. It's just such a nice bit of filmmaking that I decided to put it up and I'm relying on you to determine whether you should watch or not.

Very solid work from Todd Strauss-Schulson. You're going to like this. (Is there something wrong with my browser, though? It almost looks like the camera is on an auto-iris setting and I can't believe that would be the case on a production that looks this great.)

Enjoy your Indie Wednesday!

Indie Wednesday: Icons

I had a true indie short all ready to go for Indie Wednesday. But, then I saw this.

Academy Films brings us an amazing 50 seconds all done in a single shot. For a commercial no less. I'm jealous. If you want to see how they did it, you can find more here.

Indie Wednesday: Sorry Slide

It isn't even 11pm, so this totally counts as Indie Wednesday. And the Live Prude Girls bring us the shortest Indie Wednesday of all time. Sorry Slide clocks in at 5 seconds.

I'm celebrating the funny and fetching Milana Vayntrub tonight because I saw her on an AT&T commercial yesterday. And it was funny. Stevie and Milana are already successful, but they're headed for really, really big things. All because they had one of the first videos featured right here on Indie Wednesday.

...You don't think that's "likely?"
What do you mean? And what does "likely" mean? You know, what--  just don't even...
I think I want you to shut your big mouth.
You know what? Actually, yeah I'm sure of it.

Hey look, it's a bonus vid... (Space Cops needs to get internet famous so we can land a guest spot on this show. Episodes 4 and 5 are coming, so let's make it happen, people.)