River's Edge 2015

Long time, no see? Well, we're still alive. In fact, as alive as we'll be all year. Why, you ask? Because, today we head West once again, toward our favorite home away from home. That magical place full of sandwiches and pounds of pizza and indie films, Paducah, KY.

Our newest short, Allen Stares at Thrift Store Paintings makes its world premiere this weekend at the River's Edge International Film Fest. If you're wondering what the film is about, read the title one more time.

Anyway, keep your eye out for updates on the Twitters and Instagrams and possibly even Periscope all weekend. We'll make our best attempt to entertain during any moments when we aren't eating.

Space Cops at Short n' Sweet Fest

You'd like to see Episode 4 of Space Cops, you say? You'd cut off your own arm, you say? No need, I say.

The next installment of Space Cops will be premiering where it all started, at a film festival in Danville, KY this FRIDAY! Be there. Constitution Square. Popcorn and whatnot start at 8p and the films start at 9. Find all the details right here.

Aliens, attempted pistol whips, the first non-intro appearance of Father Jose... this one has it all.

Food Coma's News and Notes 11.11.13

Pizza By The Pound is pizza king in Paducah. Only sad that it took four years to find it.

Happy belated Veteran's Day, everyone and a huge thank you to all the Veterans. We're running a couple days behind on the blog, so you'll get News and Notes today and the Agents of SHIELD breakdown tomorrow. Anyway...

Around here, we're still recovering from a great weekend and far too much food consumption at the Rivers Edge Film Fest. If you didn't keep up with it, we kept a running diary on Friday and Saturday that you can check out now. Pizza By the Pound got us started on an epic food journey Thursday night and it never slowed down from there.

In fact, the food even followed us home because Cory Greene gave us each a legendary Fillymingo from Flamingo Row before we left town. The Fillymingo looks like a giant roll but is actually bread stuffed with meat, cheese and other goodness. All I can say is I'm already putting in my bid for a trip to Flamingo Row next year. There are several more varieties of Fillymingo that I need to sample.

Paducah Odds and Ends

One of the cooler things we got to do on the trip was explore the abandoned Columbia Theater in Lower Town Paducah. We've walked past that theater for four years, peered through the windows and talked about how great it would be to get a peek inside. This year we actually got to do it and it exceeded our hopes. The theater has been empty and untouched since the 1980s and is everything you'd imagine a grand old theater to be.

As cool as the Columbia looks on the outside, it's twice as neat on the inside. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to post any pictures. All I can say is, if the Paducah townsfolk get the go ahead on their restoration plans, this 1927 built beauty will be one of the coolest theaters in this part of the country. Needless to say, we're really hoping that happens.


I briefly mentioned in our Running Diary that we stole a chance to see Thor: The Dark World on Saturday afternoon. I'll be going into detail about the movie. For now, I'll say that the sequel got three thumbs up from the WSF boys. The theater was packed and the Marvel movie machine is obviously still cranking along at full steam. In the next few days, I'll revise my rankings of the Marvel films, give a little review, and point the comic Geek Scope at Thor.

See you back here for Indie Wednesday later today and Geek Scope tomorrow.

How about a picture of the Columbia without my big noggin in it?

REIFF Day 2 - Running Diary

8:05am - Better nights sleep after we decided that we could actually turn the air on by ourselves so we didn't wake up hourly in pools of sweat. We get started with (of course) food at the film makers breakfast at Et Cetera bakery. Cinnamon rolls bigger than your head. Unless you're Mickey Rourke. (Allen)

11:00am - Holy moly you can see what we spent the last two hours doing; gorging on sugary goodness. Then we hopped over to buy some chocolates at the candy store and now we're about to watch a short film before we head back to Kirchhoff's for lunch. We're ridiculous.  (SS)

12:39pm - Getting ready to support a tiny little film that needs the money. Thor: The Dark World

3:15pm - Not an official review, but first thoughts on Thor are three thumbs up. Definitely funny. (SS)

7:00pm - The second and last showing of Paranormous went okay. Laughs in some different spots than last night. Now we're sitting in Maiden Alley Cinema waiting for the awards ceremony to begin. No expectations from me. 

REIFF Day 1 - Running Diary

7:35am - One is snoring, one is showering, one is blogging. I'll let you guess. Kirchoff's Deli will open in approximately 3 and a half hours. Let's do this. (SS)

8am - Todd is up and sounds just like Super Dave Osborne. Oh and we're on Central time if you're confused. (SS)

9:40am - We can officially endorse the complimentary breakfast at Fairfield Inn Paducah. Calm before the storm. (SS)

10:27am - we mistimed our arrival at Maiden Alley (this Central Time thing is hard). So obviously, to kill the time we played a few spirited games of Candyland and Sorry. I lost them all. (Allen)

12:15pm - Kirchoff's... mission accomplished. We wait 362 days a year for this. A club for Al, pasta salad for me, and Sheene likes to switch it up.
And there's the obligatory pic of Allen with his sandwich. (SS)

1pm - About to watch the first film of the weekend: Revelation Road. It's a western horror movie about the undead. The trailer had a guy that looks like Robert Duvall. We're excited. (Allen)

3:12pm - We met John Gibson, director of the zombie western we just watched. Nice guy. I bought some homemade crackers from Kirchoff's bakery (a yearly necessity) and Todd had a love affair with a cinnamon roll. It was intense. These trips are seriously becoming more and more about food. Now we're set to watch Can't Stop Me Leavin', a Japanese short and then a documentary about adventure racing.  (SS)

4:12pm - The Americans in this race are the worst. One of them is a professional "life enthusiast."

6:00pm - We have a break before the Paranormous block of short films start. You know what that means. Time to eat. Tonight's feast comes from The Station Burger Co. They fry bacon inside the patty. Uhhh yeah. AND they have TVs AND the UK basketball game just started so jam on it. (SS)

7:32pm - We're sitting in Maiden Alley Cinema right now, about seven minutes away from watching the Paranormous blu ray on this beautiful big screen. Fingers crossed. 

9:30pm - I guess I should say it went well. Laughter! Always a relief. On to some good convo with filmmakers and new friends.

Get Ready: Rivers Edge Updates Start Today!

Our excursion to Paducah, KY starts this afternoon. Departure time is roughly 6pm. That means everyone needs to sync up there communicators and technological doo-dads because we'll be cataloguing this trip in every which way from start to finish. Blog posts, pictures, videos, songs... if you can think it, we'll be doing it. Adventure! Come with meee... and you'll beee...

If Allen buys some buckeyes at the candy shop, you'll know about it the second it happens. If Todd goes crazy and sinks a riverboat, it won't slip past you. If I fall in love on sight with a beautiful lady filmmaker and we elope like star-crossed lovers, you wouldn't want to miss that would you??

I mean, last year we visited Metropolis AND found a vintage Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox. Adventure!

The point is, you need to make regular visits to this blog over the next three or four days. AND find us on all your apps and whatnot right now. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine... Just backslash walksoftlyfilms at all of the above and you'll find us. And if there's anything stupid you want us to try along the way, tweet it at us and we might do that too.

We plan on doing a running diary here on the site every day of the festival beginning tomorrow morning. Plus, I can already tell you that I've done some restaurant research for the weekend. I'm looking at you, Doe's Eat Place.

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