Rogue One and Other Stuff

If you haven't seen it, feast your eyes on the second trailer for Rogue One. I'm not as big of a Star Wars fanatic as I was when I was a kid, so I don't go breath to breath waiting for this sort of thing. However, I maintain that no one puts together a trailer like the LucasFilm gang. This thing is fantastic and I will go on record right now to say Rogue One will be a much better story (and, by extension, film) than The Force Awakens.

Talk Hard

More Talk Hard episodes are on the way this week as we continue to get back to a regular schedule. This time around we talk Luke Cage, Disney theme parks, and our favorite TV shows of all time. So check in for that tomorrow and remember, if you've listened to the show, we need your ratings and reviews on iTunes. We'll beg if necessary because nothing does more for the show than your feedback.