Office Games: Posterizing

Two weeks in a row with a new office game? You kids are lucky. So far, this one is possibly the simplest, the most childish and, consequently, the most fun. I'm a little disappointed I didn't post this a couple years ago because apparently this game is a thing now (as you can see by the more complicated example above). I know we aren't the only guys to "invent" it, but we didn't rip it off either. So, let's talk about Posterizing...

First, play at your own risk. I bruised a guy's spine at our office. Sorry, Harvey Couch. (Note:  Kids, if you see someone coming through the lane with a head of steam, clear out of there like an aging Patrick Ewing. Get out of that poster! Do NOT cower in fear and back into someone's flying knee.) I don't want any lawsuits flying around if dunk fests break out across the nation.

I'm not sure exactly how the game originated, but I know it started in Blanding Tower at the University of Kentucky (probably in 1997) with myself, J.R. Zinner and John Saylor. At that time, I think the game largely consisted of "dunking" on someone with an empty two-liter Sprite bottle. Today, the game has evolved and found its true element in the office environment. Are you ready to play?

The Rules

Okay, you see this?

1)  Pretend there's a basketball goal up there.

In fact there is a goal above every doorway/threshold in your building. Anytime someone is crossing that threshold, they are attempting to block your shot.

2)  Do what comes natural.

Ball, no ball, substitute ball... it doesn't matter. Dunk on their souls.

Dance parties never broke out after we did it, but there was definitely plenty of screaming and jubilation when someone got crammed on in spectacular fashion.

Office Games: Batmanning

I came into work one day and found his signal, but the Batman was nowhere to be found.

It's been awhile since we've given you an office game to liven up your workday. This one is fairly straightforward, but it's fundamental to involve only the coworkers you like. Otherwise, people will just think you're a jerk and/or you'll get fired.

Batman is mysterious. He lurks. You never know when he'll pop or when he'll vanish. It can be fairly annoying to those who know him (and therefore to your coworkers as well). From this moment hence, you shall be the Bat!

So far, there are two versions of the game...

Ditch the Commish

You know the drill on this one. Commissioner Gordon is chattin' it up with Batman; for some reason he always turns away. Then, he wants to ask Batman a question and POOF, dude is gone and Gordon is all alone like a chump on an empty rooftop.

So, the next time somebody wants to tell you all about this or that at work, come in and hover close to the door. Wait for your opportunity and, as soon as they're not looking, POOF...  slip out of there like a ninja. Who knows, maybe even try it in a meeting. Can you imagine the points for Batman-ing an entire room of people?

Bat Signal

If you're like me, you need friends to get through a day at the office with a semi-positive attitude. That's why it's a big deal if one of them takes a day off. And if you didn't know they were going to take the day off before you showed up, then things can get ugly for morale. Let's just say my friend (we'll call him uhhh... Michael Startzman), let's say "Michael Startzman" just loves to take take days off without warning.

I'm not sure if he did it on purpose initially, but it soon became one of his favorite pastimes. I came into work unsuspectingly one morning to find the post-it note pictured above on my monitor and Startzman out for the day. Not cool, Batman. But... it did make me chuckle.

So, I fully encourage you to entertain yourselves by channeling your inner Batman. Yes, technically the game is just about being a jerk to your coworkers, but the key is doing it with style. Feel free to grow and innovate. Get creative and take the game to new heights! (But, then be sure to share the results with us.)

Whatever you do, just don't do this...

Office Games: Crime Scening

This poor guy never saw it coming.

If there is anything we want to do here, it is to bring joy and entertainment into your life.  We can make our puppet movies and futuristic space dramas, but you've been asking yourself, "When is the WSF gang going to start inventing games I can play at work?"  Well, you can stop talking that trash, because today is the day. Today's game is called Crime-Scening and this is how it works:

You'll need coworkers who will agree to the rules right up front.

  • At any time during the day you can "kill" a coworker by pointing your imaginary weapon and pulling the trigger.  Surprise is key!  (If you'd like to add sound effects, more power to you.)
  • If killed, you must go down immediately, just as if you'd been shot, regardless of what you're doing, carrying, eating, etc. at that moment.
  • The person who made the kill then takes a crime scene photo of the victim.
  • The goal:  to catch a coworker at the best possible moment to create the best crime scene of the day.  (Think of all the revenge hits in the first Godfather.  And don't let me catch you in a revolving door.)
  • Each worker can only be killed once per day, so make it count.

And so, it is done.  Embrace the ridiculousness.  All we can do is bring you amazing, creative games and if you don't want to play them, you'll know why nobody likes you.