Office Games: Posterizing

Two weeks in a row with a new office game? You kids are lucky. So far, this one is possibly the simplest, the most childish and, consequently, the most fun. I'm a little disappointed I didn't post this a couple years ago because apparently this game is a thing now (as you can see by the more complicated example above). I know we aren't the only guys to "invent" it, but we didn't rip it off either. So, let's talk about Posterizing...

First, play at your own risk. I bruised a guy's spine at our office. Sorry, Harvey Couch. (Note:  Kids, if you see someone coming through the lane with a head of steam, clear out of there like an aging Patrick Ewing. Get out of that poster! Do NOT cower in fear and back into someone's flying knee.) I don't want any lawsuits flying around if dunk fests break out across the nation.

I'm not sure exactly how the game originated, but I know it started in Blanding Tower at the University of Kentucky (probably in 1997) with myself, J.R. Zinner and John Saylor. At that time, I think the game largely consisted of "dunking" on someone with an empty two-liter Sprite bottle. Today, the game has evolved and found its true element in the office environment. Are you ready to play?

The Rules

Okay, you see this?

1)  Pretend there's a basketball goal up there.

In fact there is a goal above every doorway/threshold in your building. Anytime someone is crossing that threshold, they are attempting to block your shot.

2)  Do what comes natural.

Ball, no ball, substitute ball... it doesn't matter. Dunk on their souls.

Dance parties never broke out after we did it, but there was definitely plenty of screaming and jubilation when someone got crammed on in spectacular fashion.