Filmmaking: ScriptBlast

On occasion, we do actually talk filmmaking here and try to share tips or resources that we run into. So, let's make today one of those occasions. 

Hudson Phillips may be the nicest dude in indie film. We met him at Rivers Edge International Film Fest 2013 and have made an effort to stay in touch. For some reason he reciprocates. On top of being a nice guy, he's also a very talented writer and filmmaker, award-winning, blah blah blah all that stuff. Well, now he's sharing those skills with the rest of us...

ScriptBlast is a resource for writers. A free resource. With free e-courses. (Don't ask me how that works in this day and age because I don't know.) But the coolest thing about ScriptBlast is that it's built on community. You have questions, you want to bounce thoughts off of fellow writers (including Hudson himself)? You can do that. All day long. And that's free too. When you sign up for the other free stuff, you get access to a private Facebook group. Basically everyday you're going to get some new inspiration (see above) or advice from iconic writers and filmmakers.

I look forward to those doses of guidance and I have a hunch you will too if writing is your thing.