We've been on radio silence around here for a few months, but I'm happy to bring word that we've reemerged like a phoenix, incinerating your boredom and bearing gifts of entertainment. A new site, a new podcast, new short films, new episodes... Let's get into it.

Talk Hard

talk hard movie review podcast

One of the things we wanted to do in 2016 is start cranking out a lot more content. As we saw it, the best way to do that on a regular basis was with a Walk Softly podcast. Hence, Talk Hard was born to bring light into your day to day. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.

Allen is the captain of this ship and we've got a lot planned for the pod. Obviously, we'll be talking movies and some TV, making some lists, playing some games, maybe doing some interviews. You never know exactly what you'll hear, but the one thing I can guarantee after being in on the planning is that you will be entertained.

Our first episode is up and ready for your consumption. It is nothing but the most thorough breakdown and review of Captain America: Civil War you're going to hear. Pull up a chair and let's talk about it. Now, there are some hiccups, it is our first attempt after all. So, cut us some slack and enjoy. You can subscribe and listen on iTunes or even listen to it right here on the Talk Hard page.

Space Cops

space cops walk softly films

That's right. This is happening. No less than eight new episodes are on their way. The editing process is in progress and not stopping until the first episode is released this summer. A new episode will follow every week, which means 2016 is going to be the summer of Don, Jonny, and the Chief.

Short Films

We also have a handful of short films that haven't made their online debut, so you can look forward to seeing those in the coming days as well.

New Site

You're here, so you can tell it's new, but the site is also a work in progress. In the next few days, we'll be adding extra features and pages including a short films page, a Space Cops page, more of our archived posts from the last site, and even a page where we will shamelessly try to sell you our gear. Space Cops t-shirts anyone?

Like I said, it's a productive season around these parts, so make a habit of visiting the site because we plan to be posting on the regular.