Biff Tannen: 80s Villain Champion

Biff is back on top. Not since he found that sports almanac and became a casino mogul, has Biff Tannen flown so high.

Biff cruised past Hans Gruber to become the overall 80s Villain Tournament Champion. The voting was back and forth for several hours. At one point it even looked like Gruber was going to pull away until the Back to the Future fans showed up and made the final match a blowout. (On Tom Wilson's birthday no less.)

Biff's dominance may not have been expected when the tournament began, but I do believe it's well deserved. The guy was a terror to the McFlys, not just in the 50s, but all over the timeline. Let's take one more look at the official bracket and how we got here... (click to embiggen)

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