More Of This

This. I love this. The idea, the execution; it's all perfect. I share this with you now because I had to. It might be my favorite Digital Short since the Lonely Island guys left SNL. Plus, we just got done telling Todd he needs to get on board with Ryan Gosling. Further proof.

Goodbye, Harry Dean

Harry Dean Stanton. Universally revered by the legendary directors he worked with, his Hollywood peers and those who have followed. Enjoy this piece posted by Fandor for a taste of Harry Dean's film career and stay tuned for our thoughts and an examination of this Kentuckian's life's journey on the next episode of Talk Hard.

Scapegoat Zoo Pt. 2 - Space Cops Ep8

Ritz phaseports to the Happy Days and Good Times Petting Zoo to begin his punishment and Geronimo goes undercover to watch his back. Jonny quickly learns a valuable lesson on bullying, but he better keep one eye on his Little Sister.